About us

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From Motorcycle Gear to Stormtrooper Savior:Our Undersuit Journey

Since 1996, we've been crafting high-quality undersuits right here in the UK. Originally designed for the comfort and protection of motorcycle riders under their leathers, they sported our sister company's logo, "Extreme Racing", on the left chest.

One fateful day, a UK Star Wars Garrison member approached us with a unique request: a logo-free undersuit specifically for his stormtrooper costume. Visible logos were a no-go for official 501st Legion compliance.

We saw the potential and jumped at the chance. Our initial run of 100 logo-free undersuits flew off the shelves, marking the start of our dedicated Star Wars costuming range.

Trooper-Tested, 501st-Approved

We take collaboration seriously. We work hand-in-hand with dedicated troopers to develop each new product, ensuring it meets both their practical needs and the 501st's strict costume guidelines.

Beyond Stormtroopers: First Order Approved

Remember the sleek black undersuits worn by the First Order stormtroopers in Episode VII: The Force Awakens? We were the proud creators of those, crafting them specifically for Pinewood Studios' costume department.

Adapting to the Needs of the Trooping Galaxy

We're constantly innovating. When troopers voiced concerns about the heat trapped by the closed neck design, we listened. Our current open-neck undersuit was born from their feedback, offering improved comfort for filming and trooping.

Your Partner in Costuming Excellence

We're passionate about helping you achieve your Star Wars costuming dreams. Whether you need help with sizing, have questions about our existing products, or have a bold new idea for the next must-have undersuit feature, don't hesitate to contact us.